Performance monitoring

Operational Monitoring

NxM EDI is based on Dynamics NAV logic and makes various operating and management tools available to the day-to-day administration. These are managed via a cockpit which shows any urgently required actions. The cockpit can be customised to meet individual user needs.

It is possible to choose performance monitoring and troubleshooting assistance as an add-on service. Choosing this service means that the NxM support department will monitor all dispatched business documents in the conversion phase, the sending phase and the return phase. If an error is detected in an electronic document transfer, this is reported via a live signal to an NxM monitor, monitored by our support team. Our support team keeps track of errors, and handles and reports these back to the customer, if necessary. (Applies to NxM Cloud Installation only.)

Day-to-day administration from the Gateway

Our solutions are user-friendly so that everyone with basic IT skills and knowledge of Dynamics NAV or BC 365 will benefit from our NxM EDI.

Monitor data and progress

Perform troubleshooting and rectify any errors

See a log of incoming and outgoing documents

Retrieve and look at receipts