Secure communication all over the world

Performance monitoring of all communications

NxM VAN is a unique service that simplifies companies’ communication processes, by taking the complex communication process out of the company and moving it to NxM VAN.

The NxM Business Solutions VAN service works like a post office that sends all converted documents to trading partners. And vice versa: incoming documents are received and returned, and registered in your company’s ERP system.

The NxM VAN service covers a wide spectrum via its own connections and via our finely meshed global cooperation network. All documents – sent and received – are traceable on the web portal and accessible to your employees. As a user, you get to control who to notify in the event of different incidents in the EDI workflow.

The NxM VAN service is also included in the overall NxM EDI solution for 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, and it can also be used as a standalone service. The NxM VAN service is divided into testing and production flows which can be managed by the VAN service user.

EDI integration agreements can be managed on the web portal, and it is possible to search for documents and see operating status. The actual time of sending and receiving documents, as well as error messages, is gathered in one place.

In terms of test flows, the user is presented with test results and a clear description of validation and any actions needed.

The NxM VAN network provides many direct lines of communication with EDI partners, but it also provides access to a global network, such as Inovis/GXS and Opentext for the US market. In the Nordic region, we collaborate with Strålfors, MySupply, IBM, Logiq, Basware and many others, which is only a small selection of the overall network.

Documents are sent by means of a protocol, for which the support of AS2, AS3, FTP, sFTP, FTPs, X400, email, and web services is worth mentioning.

NxM VAN benefits

NxM VAN service enables you to send and receive business documents in an agreed communication protocol to and from your business contacts, regardless of where in the world their office is located. Besides being an efficient way to communicate, NxM VAN service is also one of the most secure ways to communicate and share important EDI documents, as all senders and recipients of EDI documents are automatically registered in your Dynamics NAV database, if no errors are detected. The NxM VAN service provides access to NxM Gateway.

Send and receive documents to/from your business partners all over the world.

Secure sending and receiving with an associated log.

Speedy processing of sales orders and the automation of agreed processes.

NxM Gateway

NxM Gateway is a web portal with historical data of all EDI transactions.

Provides access to support

The user can award access rights to other employees

The user can order new EDI agreements

See the company’s transaction account

Monitor ongoing EDI agreements

When on NxM Gateway, the NxM EDI user can see whether a document has been processed and forwarded by NxM Cloud and, at the same time, see whether anything went wrong in the transaction process.

The wide scope of our NxM VAN network also extends via our partners B24, IBM web portal, Strålfors, Basware, NemHandel and PEPPOL


Real-time communication

A fast response is required in many sectors, which is why it is not uncommon to have a 48-hour or less response deadline for orders. In such sectors, real-time communication is the key to success. The NxM Van service streamlines communications between companies, facilitating real-time data sharing; NxM VAN enables this to be done in just four minutes.