Welcome to NxM - Your Full-Service EDI Provider!

At NxM we understand the importance of an effective and reliable data extchange in a mordern world. Therefore we have developed a userfriendly EDI-solution, that is fully integratable with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We invite you to order a personal demo, where we can show you how NxM EDI can transform your company's data exchange.

What do you what to experience in the Demo?

  1. Integrated EDI Module for Business Central:

    • See how NxM's EDI-solution is integrated with 365 Business Central, which gives streamline and automated data exchange process.
    • Understand how this integration can reduce errors, save time and increase effectivity in your business flow.
  2. Full-Service Provider:

    • Experience the benefits by having a full-service EDI-provider, that offers full support and customization to your specific needs.
    • Learn more about our dedicated support team, that is ready to help you with all aspects af your EDI-implementation and work.
  3. Walkthrough of our portal:

    • Get a guided tour through our user-friendly portal, where you can track and administer your transactions with ease.

How do you order a Demo?

It's easy! Just fill the formula on this page with your contact information and a short description about your company's needs. One of our EDI-Experts will contact you to arrange a demo, that fits your time schedule

Be a step ahead with NxM EDI - Order your demo today and begin a journey towards a more integrated and efficient company!


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