Our goal is to future-proof you, your business and your EDI investment

About Us

NxM Business solutions has been delivering efficient EDI management solutions for the past 12 years. These many years in the EDI market have given us vast sector knowledge and understanding.

By choosing NxM Business Solutions as your EDI provider, you get a business partner who shares your objective: to streamline your document sharing processes and reduce your document management costs. Our seasoned NxM EDI consultants have implemented more than 200 solutions in a wide variety of sectors.

NxM EDI consultants advise and provide professional feedback to all new and existing ERP partners and customers about which EDI solution to choose to maximise ROI and value creation for the undertaking.

We currently have a vast basis of experience and expertise in the EDI needs of various sectors, because our EDI solutions are dispersed across many business segments and sectors throughout the Nordic region. It is worth mentioning that NxM Business Solutions is one of the few in the world to become approved for sharing EDI documents with IKEA.

If you would like to know more about what NxM EDI has to offer your undertaking, you are welcome to contact us by email or to book a free demonstration meeting.