NxM EDI – 365 Business Central

one of the most effective EDI solutions in Denmark

NxM EDI – one of the most effective EDI solutions in Denmark

NxM EDI is one of the few solutions in the market to cover the entire B2B process via its fully integrated functionality in 365 Business Central. The solution uniquely focuses on notifying and assisting you, as users – and provides a unique opportunity to proactively manage your daily workflows.

This enables you to fully exploit the potential of 365 BC and achieve completely smooth workflows. It also explains why we’re not afraid to assert that we deliver one of the most efficient, user-friendly EDI management solutions in Denmark.

Future-proofed logics and flexibility

NxM EDI is distinguished by its extensive flexibility. For instance, if you need a non-standard format, we can easily add whatever formats, document types and modes of communication you need.

NxM EDI’s logic ensures that the solution is applicable in all sectors and that adding new business partners is simple and easy. This also explains why NxM EDI is a safe choice for any business seeking growth.

NxM EDI logic We developed NxM EDI by focusing on user-friendliness and on giving you complete control of your enterprise’s EDI documents and B2B transactions. You get an overview of your processes, and the EDI module automatically alerts you if you need to take steps to finish processing an EDI document. This makes it simple and easy for you, as users, to resolve problems, rectify errors and be proactive.

NxM EDI’s logic preserves all document management in 365 BC. In so doing, we safeguard your options for new integrations and simple updates to the latest version of 365 BC.

NxM EDI’s modules

NxM EDI consists of a number of modules that together handle the conversion, receipt and sending of all relevant business documents. 

NxM EDI’s modules

NxM EDI consists of a series of modules which jointly handle conversion, receipt and sending of all relevant business documents.

NxM Sales and Purchase Documents

Sales and purchase documents are simple and easy to process in NxM EDI. The module is integrated into NAV/365 BC and supports the standard version of all the usual business documents, such as sales orders, order confirmations, invoices, credit notes, etc. We can quickly and easily add other types of documents and modes of communication if you need them.

NxM Products Catalogue

Products Catalogue enables you to publish and share information about your products with customers and suppliers in a structured manner. Conversely, it is easy for you to receive product information and prices from your own suppliers.

NxM Intercompany

The Intercompany module enables you to share EDI documents quickly and easily and share information internally with your own enterprises in a structured manner. Full functionality is available, including a complete order flow and the processing of order modifications.


The module is integrated into the EDI process, and messages and documents can be activated as part of this process. You can add them to the overall communication profile which you set up for customers and suppliers.