Become an NxM Partner

Become an NxM Partner

united we are stronger

NxM EDI is based on years of experience and input from partners and customers. Our further development benefits everyone and is designed to secure the investments of end users. With peace of mind, the solution can be upgraded continuously or whenever a new version of 365 Business Central is released.

NxM EDI is configurable, so it can support the way in which the end user works. Engage in dialogue with your customer and let the system communicate via a role centre that provides maximum assistance in everyday procedures.

Why is it a better solution? NxM focuses on supporting users and removing technical challenges. This is an entirely new way of viewing EDI. It empowers the user to overcome challenges himself/herself, instead of having technicians resolve problems.

This is notably why NxM EDI is not just an EDI solution; it is a unique opportunity for you, as a consultant, to increase your scope for influencing the configuration of your customers’ solutions.

Do you, as a partner, what to implement your own solutions or do you want to outsource their implementation to NxM? You are free to choose. If this is interesting to you, engage in dialogue with NxM to get the best solution here.

Why choose NxM EDI

    Easy to install and covers 95% of all integrations.
  Licensing prices proportionate to utilisation ratio
  Stable profit margin for licensing and consulting services
  Easy to widen and customise
  Supports end users’ workflows
  Easy to upgrade
  Many functions that minimise the need for customisations

Easy, simple and secure

NxM EDI is a standardised solution for sharing and processing sales and purchase documents in 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV user interface and business logic

Simple set-up and user-friendly

Local, cloud-based or a combination of the two


Easy to build up and integrate with other solutions/systems



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NxM Business Solutions offers a free introduction to all new NxM Partners. Contact us to book a free introduction to NxM EDI.

Being a partner gives you access to support, additional training, product training, material that is available on the partner portal (rules, terms and conditions are specified).

After the training, you will be able to commence operation of an OIOUBL with standard functionality in less than one hour, after which a user can send a sales invoice or sales credit note.  

NxM EDI: the idea behind the system

End users’ workflow

Focus on the user’s daily work routines.

New menu points are found wherever relevant.

Orders, booked documents, etc.,

Information about sent documents and actions can be found for orders, booked documents and role centre.


Since the first solution in 2008, it is been possible to influence all the relevant areas of the processing of EDI documents.

Everything in 365 Business Central can now be controlled via integration events.

Customisation options from 2008 can still be found in the new versions, as well as many new options. This enables the solution to be updated securely and simply.

Data errors

The errors generated by faulty data are clearly highlighted in 365 Business Central, which presents possible solutions to problems.

Because the solution is integrated, the user works from his/her customary interface and can easily resolve problems.


All data are presented to the user, rendering it unnecessary to see file contents.

The user can correct data manually, in the event of errors or deficiencies in both incoming and outgoing documents.

Testing the EDI process

365 Business Central Partner can control the testing process via the NxM web portal in the same way that NxM controls the testing process.

Taking part in a test requires thorough knowledge of EDI formats.

Transfer of EDI documents.

For integrating via NxM Cloud, which sends and receives files, all operations are maintained and monitored by NxM Support. All relevant errors are communicated to the users who are set up according to their own choices.