Experience a new EDI standard

NxM provides complete EDI solutions covering all sectors. NxM communicate with businesses around the world thru our own network or via network points. We focus on solutions that are fully integrated into 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

These turnkey solutions underpin daily procedures as widely as possible with overview and assistance for proactive processing and communicating with selected partners.

This performance-monitored solution with a user-friendly, integrated interface presents urgently required actions in a simple manner, for instance if confirmation of a sales order or a purchase order still need to be sent.

In other words, NxM EDI is a standard-setting solution because it also provides intelligent order processing in the sales process. And when it comes to purchasing, we can deepen your insight into how your suppliers process their orders, by giving, warnings of incorrect prices, deviating delivery dates and changes to ordered products will benefit your everyday processes.

NxM EDI provides an EDI flow with new perspectives, improved competitiveness and the potential to stay a step ahead of the competition.

NxM EDI for 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV


NxM EDI is an fully integrated solution that has been validated over the years by Microsoft and meets the requirements imposed when the solution is certified.

The solution is continuously being maintained and released in the latest versions, as it has been since 2008, and our more than 400 installations, and 3,000 integrations for many partners have taught us lots of valuable lessons.


Future-proofed logic

NxM EDI has unique, built-in logic which enables the solution to be straightforwardly upgraded to new versions of 365 Business Central. The method has existed since early 2008 and ensures that our customers can invest in new solutions without having to be concerned about future versions.


Does this mean that no new functions will be added? No! NxM is continuously developing additional details and areas of functionality. This includes the reading of PDF files and scanned documents. We recently released a supplier portal where suppliers can update a purchase order with an invoice, delivered products and delivery destination options.


NxM EDI is distinguished by its extensive flexibility. For instance, if you need a non-standard format, we can easily add whatever formats, document types and modes of communication you need.

NxM EDI’s logic ensures that the solution is applicable in all sectors and that adding new business partners is simple and easy. This also explains why NxM EDI is the safe choice for any business seeking growth.

Quite a number of users also choose to use the built-in intercompany feature, which includes multiple control options and types of documents, such as order changes.



“NxM provides indispensable assistance during the start-up of new EDI projects. They ensure momentum, coordination and quality assurance throughout the process.” - Malene Sig Overgaard, "Kabooki"

Efficient, reliable B2B communications and data sharing.

NxM EDI is the most secure way to share documents, as you are always in control of and have insight into your document flow and associated processes.

Easy access and control of outgoing and incoming documents.

You decide how and with whom you want to share documents.

An interactive system in your 365 Business Central triggers alarms in the event of errors and deviations.

Access your documents from your smartphone, tablet and computer.


NxM Connect is easy to use. Everyone with basic knowledge to 365 Business Central will benefit to economic gain and good use of NxM Connect without challenges.


NxM Connect gives you insight to the whole process. From leaving the 365 Business Central system, to its customer or vendor

Notification mails about errors and transaction that can be configured in any way, on demand.

365 Business Central

The integration provides full utilization of the potential in the integrated solution.

It contributes to eliminating manual errors and enhance insight into logistic processes through functionalities like warehouse reception, order processing, master data, invoicing etc.


NxM Connect is a flexible solution that can easily be customized and meet all your EDI and formatting requirements. If we don't have the format you need, we'll create it together.

Efficient, secure data sharing

Using the role center, NxM EDI communicates everything you have to do, no matter if it is a document that has stopped or an automatic process that has shut down.

NxM has been amassing its expertise since 2006, and our breadth of knowledge is embedded in the interface to ensure focus on efficient workflows and on keeping the technical processes running in the background. It enables employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

Small, medium or large business

Regardless of size, NxM EDI is the perfect fit for your business. Buy NxM EDI together a with OIOUBL or PEPPOL integration,  for invoicing and sending credit notes for DKK 450/month. You pay DKK 300/month for each set of accounts you link to the solution.  It takes only one hour to get started. You decide whether to include our support option for DKK 150/month.

Contact us - NxM EDI-partner to learn more about what we have to offer your business.