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    EDI solution

    NxM ensures flexibility.
    Select, invest and finance as needed.


Cloud service

Our cloud service has three essential functions. Conversion to a specific format. Send/receive a document via a specific protocol. FTP, web services, e-mail, X.400, VAN service. But most important is that NxM handles all the technique, 99% of all issues are outsourced to NxM. 
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Cloud Installation

EDI formats

NxM transports documents in many formats. UBL EDIFACT, XML, CSV, Excel, TRADACOMS. Including the many sub-versions eg. EDFACT HANCOM, D96A, D06A mm. There are no limits to handling of EDI documents.

Monetering (2)

Operation Monitoring

NxM offers different monitoring types according to the selected solution.  NxM can provide monitoring of technical parts, transportation and conversion, errors on documents, and infrastructure. Your operation security matters to us.




Building new workflows within the company handling orders, invoices etc. gives the company new generic functions. Sales order handling can as well handle interation towards any webshop. Reuse the Sales order workflow and validation. An effective daily use and handling in one interface. The IT company Atea AB in Sweden combines this usage in large scale.  The world oldest entertainment place Dyreshavsbakken also use NxM EDI for integration against the webshop and invoicing for public institutions in Denmark and Sweden.

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