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    With NxM Monitor is you always sure that the error is discovered fast and solved

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    More efficiency, less cost ...

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EDI service

Nxm provides the market’s most flexible solution for EDI handling – either as a Cloud service or as a completely local installation.


  • A Cloud service is the right choice for companies seeking a  non-technical installation that frees them from extensive maintenance requirements.
  • A Cloud service includes both surveillance and support and thereby eliminates the majority of technical issues up front.
  • A Local installation is the best choice for direct solutions that allow the maximum amount of self-influence, optimal communication speed, and advanced technical installation options.
  • As of June 2014, NxM provides more than 200 installations within the Dynamic NAV market



Increase efficiency and reduce costs ...

The key to NxM’s range of products is that they efficiently move data from point A to point B – covering an activity which is very important to the majority of companies.


NxM helps companies to move their business documents, such as shipment notes, orders, package lists, invoices and more, all in a digital manner, reducing manual workflows and minimizing support.


Imagine that you can be rid of the need to manually type in a sales order or purchase invoice..., and that there is no need for updating delivery dates or remaining quantities manually.


NxM will improve your customer services from the start. Companies that already have experience with EDI functionality will enjoy a whole  new experience when working with NxM EDI.


NxM EDI sets new standards for handling EDI errors giving users complete control over document processes. The special document reporting interface tells the user what needs to be done when errors occur so that they are always prepared to react.



                Work Flow UK


NxM er en uvurderlig hjælp i forhold til opstart af nye EDI projekter. De sørger for fremdrift, koordinering og kvalitetssikring igennem hele forløbet.

Kunde Malene Sig Overgaard "Kabooki"
IKEA Integration UK

NxM has obtained the possiblity to exchange EDI documents with IKEA. NxM has as one of few received acknowledge from IKEA to exchange EDI documents.


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