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    NxM EDI is installed in more than 200 companies with different versions of Dynamic NAV


NxM EDI Basis


NxM EDI Basis for Dynamics NAV gives users access to management of standard business documents in an electronic format (EDI). The NxM EDI solution works with many document types and opens a wide range of new possibilities. Examples of document types are  quotes, orders, invoices, credit memos, shipments, receipts, and order responses. The solution also  introduces new types such as order changes, order canceling etc.

Many of our partners acquire the solution only to use the unique intercompany functionality with extended order functionality and integration to Dynmaics NAV wms.


NxM item catalogue


The NxM item catalogue gives companies ways to publish information about their items in a structured manner – using  EDI or  integration to Microsoft Office Excel. Integration applies both for publishing in relation to the customer and for reception of information from the supplier. Many vendors gain new possibilities to export data in an Excel sheet.




NxM PDF by e-mail can be used either separately or in combination with the EDI solution. This ensures flexibility  for any customer or supplier where. A communication profile is set up to combine document types and the different communication channels (EDI, E-mail and SMS).

Along with Sales order responses, invoices, credit memos as normal standard documents, NxM PDF also supports customer statements and can easily be setup for reminders. When a SMS or PDF by e-mail is send, it starts by merging data from the entity in NAV. For example,  sending a sales orderresponse can merge the sales person, phone no., order no. etc. in the subject and body text. The original NAV sales document is produced as a PDF and it is attached to the e-mail.


In general, the solution is integrated into the workflows in NAV that are related to sales, purchase and warehouse. Usage is always guided in a special reporting view that gives a unique overview of any action that need to be carried out.


The structure of the reporting view gives users clear insight into how they can solve problems. As an extra benefit, NxM surveillance can be added to the solution and it will report any process interruptions directly to NxM support so that NxM support can take immediate action.


NxM EDI can function both as a local installation or as an integrated NxM Cloud service ensuring high flexibility and easy matching to the specific needs of any company. Both local and Cloud Service installation types provide the same intuitive interface inside Dynamics NAV,