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    Litet axplock från referenslistan

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    "Fokus på problemställning därnäst helstöpta lösningar”

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    Med NxM Monitor är du alltid säker på att felen snabbt blir upptäckta och lösta

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    Mer effektivitet, färre omkostnader ...

    - effektiv kommunikation i en stressad vardag

IKEA Integration UK

As one of few NxM has gained the acceptance from IKEA to exchange EDI documents. The EDI flow supports booking of trucks, sales orders anden sending invoices, package notes etc.


NxM is proud of the work and IKEA has  stated that the project was one of the fastest EDI project that received an acceptance of the test EDI flow.


The project is carried out for a Dynamics partner, who wished to get resources with a lot of experience and who got a foundation of proved code to build on. NxM EDI module support better documentation ease of use which make the user to be in charge of any changes and handling of any error. The documentation and hand over of the solution has a high quality so both the user and partneres know what have been done.